Project Overview

Itafós Arraias SSP Operations

Itafós Arraias SSP Operations - The Itafós Arraias SSP Operations are located in the municipality of Arraias, in the state of Tocantins, Brazil. The production facility comprises a mill, a beneficiation plant, a sulphuric acid plant, an SSP plant and a granulation plant. The Itafós Arraias SSP Operations are estimated to have production capacity of approximately 500,000 tonnes of SSP per annum and its production is intended to meet the domestic demand in the New Agricultural Frontier in central northern Brazil. SSP is a type of fertilizer widely used in Brazil, while the target market of the Company is known to be one of the areas with the largest agricultural growth in the country.

Santana Phosphate Project

Santana Phosphate Project - is located in the South-eastern most portion of the Para State, in Northern Brazil. The property has important defined phosphate reserves indicating it will be among the highest phosphate grade mines in Brazil (12-13% P2O5). The planned future plant will be ideally located to serve the most important Brazilian market in Mato Grosso state.

Araxá Phosphate/REE/Nb Project

Araxá Phosphate/REE/Nb Project - is located in Araxá, the State of Minas Gerais. Please visit Araxá project page for details.